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Questions about Homebirth

Celebrating 25 years of service to families!

We would love the opportunity to share with you about homebirth.  Following are questions I am often asked. If you do not see your question, please feel free to contact me.

Why do families choose to have their babies at home?

  • There are many reasons a family chooses to have their baby at home. The most frequent answer families have shared with me is home is where they feel most comfortable. Labor and birth is a powerful and sacred life experience. The families who come into my care desire the mindfulness and respect needed to do the work of labor and birth.
  • The second answer is they want to be a full partner in their care and the Midwives Model of Care meets this desire. I do not tell a mother what she has to do, rather, I share information regarding all of her options for care and she chooses the care that is best for her. Together, she and I are partners on her journey to birth.

Is homebirth legal?

  • Yes, homebirth is legal in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia with each state having its own, unique regulations. I am licensed to practice in all 3 states.

How important is regular prenatal care?

  • Supporting a mother prenatally is one of my most important responsibilities as a midwife. I believe prenatal care is "paying it forward" for a healthy labor and birth. 

How does homebirth look different from birthing in the hospital?

  • A few differences are at home a woman can eat and drink as she likes, and we encourage it; she can walk around her in home or outside; she can labor in her bedroom, in the tub or shower in her bathroom, or anywhere else in her home; she can choose the position/s she would like to be in when pushing; she receives her baby into her arms and the baby stays there as we do newborn care while the baby is on the mother's chest; the cord is cut when the family decides, typically after the placenta is birthed; she can choose to have her children present during her labor and birth, if she desires.

Is homebirth covered by insurance?

  • If a family has insurance with out-of-network benefits that covers licensed midwives, typically a family will receive some reimbursement for the cost. I work with a billing service that handles all insurance claims. If a family has no insurance or healthcare sharing plan, there is a sliding fee scale based on family income.

What training do you have to handle urgent situations?

  • Although urgent situations rarely arise, my training includes didactic and hands-on clinical training in responding to urgent and emergency situations. I am also CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) certified which is renewed every 2 years and a requirement for licensure, and my Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential is renewed every 3 years. My students are also CPR and NRP certified.